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Originally posted by isolde13 at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by fobsessed54 at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by janesgravity at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by ayaneva at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by ericadawn16 at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by hoperomantic at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by southrnbygrace at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by ultra_fic at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by jesco0307 at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by sheryden at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by meridian_rose at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by brontefanatic at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by philstar22 at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Originally posted by lk737 at All U.S. Internet Providers will be policing downloads by July 12, 2012
Please repost this? I have never begged for one of my posts to be boosted. I am just so worried for my friends and want you to know.

According to this article, dated March 15, 2012:

"File-sharers, beware: By July 12, major US Internet service providers (ISPs) will voluntarily begin serving as copyright police for the entertainment industry, according to Cary Sherman, chief executive of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The so-called “six-strikes” plan is said to be one of the most effective anti-piracy efforts ever established in the US."

The article goes on to give details. After six notices, internet providers will decide to throttle a person's internet speed, or cut it off altogether. I don't know if they will crack down on torrents only, or if it is up to the internet provider. I get the sense it is up to the internet provider. So some people could get away with downloading non torrents, while others might get their internet service cut off. I urge you to click it and read, as we all know people who download.

No more downloading eps of your favorite shows for vidding, gifs, or fanfiction art. No more downloading screencaps possibly. I'm so sorry my friends. I don't even know if BT Guard will work to protect you, but I would google it if I were you. It is a professional service that supposedly can protect you from the invasive eyes of your internet provider.

Just, my friends, please make each other aware. Please be aware of the date JULY 12TH. Mark your calendar and double check with your internet provider by then. If you start receiving notices of downloaded activity, this is why. And your internet service could be throttled or cut off.

Fox news confirms this:

Youtube video explaining this:


19 August 2011 @ 12:40 am

Quick Decisions


“Babyboy” Tommy yelled from the bedroom in the hotel

“Yes Tommy”

“Where is Adam jr. at?”

Oh shit I mentally cussed at myself. See while Tommy was at
band practice with Monte this morning I had decided that we needed a vacation
because we both had been so busy. But while I was rushing around trying to get
the surprise ready I had left Adam jr. lying on our bed. Tommy would never
forgive me for this he had to have Adam jr, to sleep well him, me and silk
sheets thankfully I got the sheets, 2 out of three not bad but I left the most
important one.

Tommy was now standing in the door of the bed room I looked
at him pouting

“He is lying on our bed at home” I told him and his face
fell “Tommy I'm so sorry I didn’t mean to leave him I was just in a hurry
trying to get everything together and I ment to put him on the top of the bag
right before I came to get you cause I know how important he is to you.

Tommy smiled at him “Adam, baby calm down its ok”

“But now you won’t be able to sleep”

“Yes I will”

“But you always take him with you when you travel and you
always make me kiss him goodnight and before I leave if I going to be gone over

“Yes, but if you notice you are never there when I need him
to sleep”

“I never noticed that”

Tommy just nodded and hugged Adam “all I need is you

“And silk sheets” Adam added hugging Tommy back

“No I just have them because I know that you like them so

Adam rested his head on top of Tommy’s “Tommy…”


“How did you get Adam jr?”

“Oh. I never told you how I got him did I?”

“No, he just kind of appeared”

“Well last year on Glamnation at one of the concerts before
my dad died some lil girl was at the gates for the signing. She had him with
her and she handed him over the gate to me and told me that he was mine and
would help me when I needed it. I kissed her cheek gave her a hug and told her
thank you and then signed her poster. Her mother told me that she didn’t know
what was going on that the lil girl never let anyone not even her touch Adam
jr. I told her mom thanks also and finished the signing. That night was the
night that I got the news that my dad died. I wanted you to go home with me but
we had just got together and I couldn’t allow you to cancel any concerts
because I was so weak. Adam cut him off and steered them toward the couch and
pulled Tommy into his lap.

“Baby don’t say that it was a rough time in your life you
are not weak” Tommy smiled

“Yes it really was and the only thing that helped me through
while I was gone was Adam Jr. I haven’t really figured out why I need him now
since I'm the happiest I have ever been but when you’re not around I do.”

“And why didn’t you tell me that you needed me there I would
have been there we could have rescheduled the concerts all the fans were
worried about you.

“I know you would of Adam but I couldn’t bring myself to ask
you to do that for me” Tommy kissed his cheek

“So you’re not mad that I forgot Adam Jr.”

“Nope as long as you don’t leave me I will be fine.” Tommy
looked down at his hands “I have panic attacks if you’re not around and I don’t
have Adam jr. with me” Adam tugged Tommy closer and kissed his cheek

“I'm not going anywhere Glitterbaby. I love you”

“I love you too, Babyboy” 

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07 August 2011 @ 01:58 am

Casualty of Love

All mistakes are mine
Tommy was sitting with Monte in his basement after practice when his phone chimed with a message alert. He picked it up and smiled when he saw that it was a message from Adam with a YouTube link. He decided to check it out when he got home in private and slipped his phone in his pocket. He and Monte finished thier convorsation and he played with Bea for a lil bit before he left.

On his way home he couldn't help but think about home much he missed Adam yes he realized that they just played together last week but, he hadn't seen his best friend much they were both so busy. Tommy pulled into his driveway locked up his car and went inside. He pulled out his phone and typed the link into his laptop waited for the song to load and push play.

We may not have all the answers
Oh I know that we can change some of the things that are beyond our control
And the vision of us may be blurry
But use your heart to see
Just follow the beat, the rhythm will lead you right back to me

Sometimes it's a game of give and take
It's easy to break
But hold on and wait
Have a little faith

I will go down to the last round
I'll be your strength to find you when you get lost in the crowd
So I'll stand up tall, if by chance I fall
Then I'll go down as a casualty of love

The battle of us could be simple
Escape without being hurt
'Cause love is our shield, keeps us concealed
From what could get even worse

So baby let me be the soldier
Don't be overtaken by pride
Just close your eyes, take my hand
I promise to keep us alive

Sometimes it's a game of give and take
It's easy to break
But hold on and wait
Have a little faith

I will go down to the last round
I'll be your strength to find you when you get lost in the crowd
So I'll stand up tall, if by chance I fall
Then I'll go down as a casualty of love

All is fair
In love and war
Knock me down
And I'll get back up wanting more
Through the fire and rain
It makes me numb from the pain
That's the price, that's the price, I'll pay

And I will go down to the last round
I'll be your strength to find you when you get lost in the crowd
So I'll stand up tall, and baby if I fall
Then I'll go down as a casualty of love
A casualty of love
A casual casual casualty of love
Tommy listened to the song a couple of times before he realized that he was crying. He couldn't help but think about Sauli in this Adam had told him that yes he loved Sauli and was even a lil bit in love with him but that Tommy would always have a bigger place in his heart. This was Adam asking him to take a chance and let Adam love him like he deserved. Tommy knew that he loved Adam and that he was attracted to him but Adam was the only guy that Tommy had ever had feelings for. Tommy pulled out his phone and dialed the all to familiar number.

"Hey Glitterbaby" Adam answered his phone

"hey babyboy"

"What you doin"

"Nothing just got done listening to that link you sent me"

"Oh......what did you think"

"I love the song Adam......but do you realize what this song is saying"

"Yes I do"

"So you would break it off with Sauli who you love deeply just to take a chance on ending in heartbreak with me"

"Yes I would if that's what you want. We have already had this conversation you know that I love you more then I could ever love Sauli, Tommy."

Tommy was silent for a moment he didn't know what to say. He wanted to take a chance on Adam but couldn't help but think about what would happen if things didn't work out. Adam was his best friend the one he called when he needed to talk about nothing cause he was bored, he's the one that went shopping with Tommy most times, he's the one that held Tommy for hour when he found out that his dad died, He was the one that Tommy drunk dialed to bitch about all the slutty girls only wanting him for his fame.



"you still with me"

"yea I was just thinking about all the shit that you have done for me when you didn't have to. Also how much I appreciate all of those things and couldn't ask for a better friend. But mostly I'm thinking about if things don't work with us you will be broken hearted and I will be without my amazing best friend. And Adam I don't know what I would do without you in my life you have helped me though so much."

Adam cut him off "Tommy I know what's on the line here and you know I would offer it if I wasn't ready for the fight. I know that you love me Tommy and I know that you could very easily fall for a girl in a heartbeat. But I'm willing to take that chance if it means I get to show you even a glimpse of how much I love you."

"ok Adam I wanna try. You're right I do love you so much and I have really been missing you. But you can't be cheater we have to start this off right you have to break it off with Sauli."

"I can do that. I will call him right now."

"Adam let him down easy"

"I will Tommy you know that I can't he cruel"

"yea I do....when your done you wanna come over I miss cuddling with you on glamnation"

"yea that sounds nice give me an hour"

"ok see you then babyboy"

"bye Glitterbaby"

About and hour later Tommy heard a knock on his door he knew that it was Adam. He opened the door and pulled Adam into a really tight hug and buried his face in Adams chest. He missed this Adams warmth, strong arms, smell, but most of all just all of Adam. Adam kissed the top of his head and held him close. Tommy pulled away first and looked up at Adam

"I love you"

"I love you too, Tommy"

Tommy smiled

"what movie you wanna watch"

"you pick just nothing scary"

Tommy picked a movie from his collection and then drug Adam to his room. He put the movie in and they climbed into bed. Tommy snuggled close to Adam while Adam held him tight*

•••••7 years later•••••

"addy if you don't get this dress on your papa is going to be upset he wants us ready when he gets home." Tommy told his their 5 year old

"but I want papa here now to dress me" addy pouted

"I know you do baby girl but papa was busy this morning so I have to do it today. And aunti Allison is going to do you hair and make is pretty" Tommy said picking her up and taking her back to her room

Addy sat on her bed and looked at Tommy. "ok daddy I'll get dressed"

"thank you baby"

Addy kissed his cheek and let Tommy dress her. Allison was getting ready to do her hair when Adam came thru the door.

"PAPA!!!" addy screamed and ran to Adam

Adam scooped her up and planted a kiss on her forehead he still couldn't believe how lucky he was. He was married to the lobe of his life and had a beautiful daughter.

"papa I missed you soooo much* addy said hugging Adam tight

"I wasn't gone that long baby girl" he told her

"I know but still" she laid her head on his shoulder

"where is daddy at baby." he asked carrying her through the house

"getting dressed he said you would be mad if we were late"

Adam put addy down on the couch for Allison to finish her hair and went to his and Tommy's room.

"Babe I'm home" he said walking into the room to find Tommy dresses in his suit and spraying on some colone

"yea I heard addy screaming" he giggled

Adam crossed their room and wrapped Tommy in a tight hug kissing his neck. Tommy hugged him back just as tight and groaned.

Tommy pulled back and looked into Adams eyes "I love you" he said

"I love you too, Tommy" Adam replied

"can you believe it's been 7 years" Tommy said quietly

"yes I can" Adam said kissing him gently on the lips

Tommy just hugged Adam tight again and they stood there until Allison can up and told them that it was time to go before they were late to their own anniversary dinner with all their family and friends.

Dinner was great everyone was there having fun just like the big happy family they were. After dinner Adam and Tommy took addy home and put her to bed. Then climbed into bed with the same movie the had watched 7 years ago and feel sleep holding each other.

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01 December 2010 @ 02:15 am

All Tied Up (Lynn and Amanda’s story after)

Part 2

By: Jacquline

As Amanda gasped for air Lynn began to grind on her leg for friction. Both girls were so lost in the moment that they didn’t hear the door open but they did hear the voice that came next……..

“That is so hott”

Both girls looked in the direction of the voice only to have their jaws hit the floor because the voice belonged to no other then ……………..


Both girls were incapable of speech so they just stared at the gorgeous sex god before them. He was dressed in tight black pants an equally tight black shirt covering his broad chest.

“Please don’t stop on my account” Adam laughed

Which was music to both girls ears

“Hey don’t I know you two?” Adam walked closer looking more intently “oh now I know were I’ve seen you two ..your the taco girls” Lynn buried her giggles in Amanda’s neck.

“Yep that’s us” Amanda giggled

“well come here and give me a hug” Adam held his arms open.

Both girls moved toward him for a group hug.

“So you girls look great. What are your plans for this evening?” Adam asked

Both girls looked at each other and shrugged “We don’t know” Lynn answered

“Would you like to join Tommy and I tonight” Adam asked sliding his arms around the girls

“Yes!!” both girls said excitingly in unison causing Adam to laugh

“Well ok lets go” Adam led the girls outside and past the screaming fans to a limo where he held the door like the gentleman he is. The girls climbed in to see an awaiting Tommy inside.

“Het the taco girls” Tommy laughed “How are you two. Give me a hug.”

Both girls hugged Tommy as Adam climbed in and told the driver where to go. Then once the driver knew where to go Adam settled beside Tommy, letting his arm rest on the seat behind Tommy head.

“So what’s on the agenda for tonight?” Tommy asked leaning his head back on Adam’s arm looking and smiling at him.

“well maybe we could go back to the room and have some fun” Adam smirked at the girls “Amanda and Lynn….right” Adam asked looking at both girls

“You remember” Amanda couldn’t believe he had remembered their names.

“I always remember two beautiful people” Adam flashed a stunning smile, both girls melted in their seats.

‘God he is so amazing’ Amanda thought to herself “you ok” Amanda realized she was staring at Adam “Y-yea” Amanda stuttered then hid her blushing face in her girlfriends neck

“Awww she is so cute” Tommy giggled.

“Yea she is my dork” Lynn laughed and wrapped her arms around Amanda’s waist.

Later in the room they were all sitting on the king size bed talking about how Amanda and Lynn had ended up together after their last encounter.

“I'm telling you Tommy it was our love powers” Adam giggled

The power of love is amazing and brings people together” Amanda fell over giggling

Tommy climbed on top of her

“You don’t believe Adam and I have love powers” Tommy laughed and tickled Amanda

Amanda tried to squirm away but Tommy pinned her to the bed laughing. Tommy’s face was only a few inches away from Amanda’s. He looked over at Lynn and Adam who had gone quiet and was watching him and Amanda.

“Is it ok if I kiss her?” Tommy asked aloud to both Adam and Lynn.

Both nodded in agreement, Tommy closed the distance and kissed Amanda. All Amanda could do was kiss Tommy back.

Tommy sat back on the bed, pulling Amanda with him then continued kissing her. At this point Adam had pulled Lynn into his lap and was kissing her. As they kissed, Amanda reached over and found Lynn’s hand on the bed. Holding hands they continued kissing the boys. When they all finally broke apart they were trying to breath.

“How about we get a lil more comfortable” Adam smiled as he stripped off his shirt

Lynn ran her nails lightly down Adam’s chest causing him to moan slightly.

“Great idea Adam” Tommy yanked his shirt off next then the boys reached for the girls shirts and removed them as well.

“Beautiful” Adam said as he looked at both girls newly exposed skin.

Amanda blushed and looked down at her lap. Lynn reached over and rubbed Amanda’s back soothingly. Amanda looked up and smiled at Lynn. Tommy slowly ran his hand up and down Amanda’s stomach as Adam kissed on Lynn’s neck. The girls locked eyes and smiled but then Adam slid his hand under Lynn’s skirt causing Lynn to jerk and moan.

“So hott” Amanda said as she watched Lynn.

Tommy undid the button on Amanda’s jeans and slid his hand inside it was Amanda’s turn to jerk and moan. Once both girls were a moaning mess the boys turned their attention to each other. They kissed as the fingered both girls. Amanda pulled Lynn into a sloppy make out session. Lynn came first moaning loudly and clutching ad Adam’s arms. Amanda followed close after her screaming as her orgasm hit. Once both girls had came they moved back on the bed holding each other and watching Adam lick his fingers clean “Mmmm always wondered what that tasted like” he smiled then gasped as Tommy attacked him with a kiss. Once he regained his balance he returned the kiss eagerly. The kiss turned heated as Tommy clawed at Adam’s pants “off” he managed to say with his lips still plastered to Adam’s. Adam quickly removed his and Tommy’s pants. Tommy got on all fours waiting for Adam to prep him, Adam grabbed to lube and rubbed it on his fingers to get it nice and warm then began to prep Tommy. Once Tommy was prepped Adam slid a condom on and lined himself up with Tommy. Adam looked over at the girls to see Amanda’s hand up Lynn’s skirt while Lynn bit her lip. Both girls had their eyes locked on the sight in front of them. Adam smirked and pushed into an arching Tommy.

“Fuck yes Adam” Tommy moaned as Adam pushed all the way in

“Say when Tommy” Tommy nodded and grabbed the sheets on the bed.

Slowly Adam began to move “faster” Tommy moaned. Adam moved slightly faster but it wasn’t enough for Tommy so he reached behind him and pulled Adam into him. Tommy and Adam both moaned loudly. Meanwhile Amanda was rubbing Lynn hard and fast while sliding a finger in and out or her.

“S-so good Amanda” Lynn moaned loudly as she came, her warm wetness covering Amanda’s hand.

Amanda rubbed Lynn a few more times then brought her hand to her mouth and licked it clean

“Mmmm so sweet” Amanda purred looking at her blessed out girlfriend.

Both girls turned to look as Tommy moaned loudly. Adam was pounding into Tommy as hard as he could. Tommy was a moaning mess, face down on the bed. Adam looked at the girls in a silent question but they both understood. Moving toward the boys on their knees the girls locked hands and started pumping Tommy’s leaking cock. Tommy moaned and started pushing into the girls hands and back into Adam. After a few good strokes Tommy stiffened moaning adams name as his orgasm hit hard and fast, his cum spilled all over the girls interlocked hands and the bed. Seeing Tommy come apart and feeling him clench around his cock, Adam toppled over the edge moaning Tommy’s name. when Adam had recovered enough he pulled out of Tommy and threw away the condom. Then he took the girls locked hands and licked them clean as both girls and Tommy watched. When the girls hands were clean Adam went to the bathroom and gathered some wash clothes to clean everyone up. When everyone was clean they all climbed under some clean sheets and blankets to get some sleep. Tommy and Adam were snuggled together on one side of the bed with Lynn and Amanda snuggled on the other side. Lynn kissed a dozing Amanda before snuggling into her to go to sleep. The last thing Amanda heard brfore falling asleep was Lynn whispering “best concert ever”


The end

You can find her on twitter @twilightgirl07

17 November 2010 @ 08:40 pm

All Tied Up (Lynn and Amanda’s story)  

By Jacquline

“Amanda I'm home” Lynn called looking for her girlfriend as she entered their apartment.

“I'm in here baby” Lynn called from the kitchen

Lynn walked into the kitchen and wrapped her arms around her girlfriends waist.

“Hey baby” Lynn purred into Amanda's ear

“Mmmm hey baby” Amanda said leaning back against Lynn

Amanda smiled and continued to stir whatever she was making in the pot on the stove

“Hungry?” Amanda asked turning in Lynn’s arms to face her

“Yes I am. But first can I have a massage? My neck is killing me” Lynn said putting on her best puppy dog eyes

“Yes you can, come on” Amanda turned off the stove then pulled Lynn to the couch

Once Lynn was sitting on the couch Amanda slid in behind her and began to rub her shoulders and neck.

“Mmmm that feels amazing” Lynn instantly relaxed

Amanda continued rubbing her girlfriend’s neck and shoulders then slowly slid her hand down to rub across Lynn’s boob, causing Lynn to moan

“Screw the massage” Lynn turned and grabbed Amanda pinning her to the couch

“Neck feeling better” Amanda giggled.

Lynn attacked Amanda’s lips with her own. Amanda threw her leg around Lynn. Lynn tugged her shirt off then motioned for Amanda to do the same. Amanda stripped off her shirt and tossed it somewhere behind her. Lynn Took advantage of this and raked her nails across Amanda’s stomach.  Amanda leaned up and sucked on Lynn’s boob through her bra. Amanda undid Lynn’s bra and licked her nipple.

“Oh Amanda” Lynn moaned and tangled her hands in Amanda’s hair

Amanda then pushed Lynn back on the couch and straddled her.

“What do you want baby” Amanda asked running her nails down Lynn’s chest causing her to arch off the couch.

“T-touch me!!” Lynn almost screamed

Amanda didn’t need to be told twice

“Ok baby I’ll take care of you” Amanda undid Lynn’s pants and slid them down her legs.

Then Amanda reached for Lynn’s panties, once they were off Amanda moved in between Lynn’s legs and licked the inside of her thigh.

“A-amanda…..please” Lynn begged, not really sure what she was begging for

“it’s ok baby I gottcha” Amanda spoke soothingly to her girlfriend as she placed placed Lynn’s legs over each of her shoulders and moved her mouth close to Lynn

Amanda blew her breath across Lynn making her clutch the arm of the couch tightly

“Please” Lynn begged again

Amanda smiled to herself, she loved making Lynn beg but what she loved most was Lynn herself. Amanda leaned in and flicked her tongue across Lynn’s clit making Lynn moan and arch off the couch. Amanda licked, sucked and bit at Lynn’s clit all while Lynn moaned and screamed and withered above her. Lynn tugged on Amanda’s hair pulling her into a sloppy kiss. Amanda replaced her mouth with her hand and Lynn moaned into their kiss. Amanda rubbed her slow then fast, genital then rough. Lynn screamed Amanda’s name as she fell over the edge. Amanda rubbed her two more times then held her close while she came down from her high. Once Lynn could breath she looked an Amanda, who was already looking back with love in her eyes

“That was amazing” Lynn smiled and kissed Amanda. “Best massage I ever got” Lynn giggled when she pulled away

“Well…I don’t know about you but I'm ready for dinner” Amanda laughed and kissed Lynn again…….


The end…..


You can find her on twitter @twilightgirl07

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10 November 2010 @ 10:43 pm

All Tied Up (Lynn and Amanda’s story after)

By: Jacquline

~~a few months later~~


            Lynn and Amanda had realized they felt more than friendship for each other so they were now dating and so happy.

“BABY BABY BABY!!!!!” Amanda came running into her girlfriends’ room.

“WHAT WHAT WHAT BABY!!” Lynn was worried something was wrong cause of the way that Amanda was screaming.

“Guess who just got two tickets to the Glamnation show in Stockholm!!” Amanda said bouncing up and down

Lynn’s mouth dropped open “No freaking way!!”

“Wanna go Lynn” Amanda asked with the biggest smile on her face.

“I'm ready when you are” Lynn said looking at her girlfriend.

Amanda squealed in excitement and kissed Lynn

Amanda watched as Lynn’s smile grew “Gah I am the luckiest girl ever” Amanda thought to herself.

“Hey did you hear me?” Lynn asked pulling Amanda from her thoughts

“Sorry baby I was just thinking bout how lucky I am to have you” Amanda wrapped her arms around Lynn “I love you so much” Amanda said kissing Lynn quickly.

Both girls quickly packed their bags. Once they were packed they threw them in the trunck of Lynn’s car and drove to the air port. They boarded the plane and got comfortable in there seat holding hand with Lynn lying against Amanda. They arrived in Stockholm at midnight. After checking into the hotel, the girls showered and fell into bed both tired from the long flight. Wrapped in each other’s arms they both quickly fell into a deep sleep. The next morning Amanda’s cell began playing “If I Had You” the alarm to wake the girls up.

“Baby time to wake up” Amanda looked at Lynn who was still fast asleep ‘aww my angel is so beautiful’ Amanda thought to herself. Amanda leaned over and lightly kissed Lynn’s lips. Lynn didn’t move so Amanda kissed her again, this time she ran her tongue along Lynn’s lower lip. Amanda felt Lynn open her mouth slightly so Amanda licked inside her mouth. When she pulled away Lynn was looking at her smiling

“Good morning beautiful” Amanda smiled back at her girlfriend “Did you sleep well?”

Lynn nodded yes and puckered her lips for another kiss Amanda giggled and kissed her. After a few more kisses the girls finally got up to start getting ready.

“Will you so my makeup please” Amanda asked Lynn jumping up on the bathroom counter as Lynn was applying her eye liner.

“Yes I will since you asked so nicely” Lynn giggled.

“YAY!!” Amanda smiled a huge smile.

After grabbing breakfast and a lil sightseeing, the girls headed to the venue where they would be in the very presents of the rock god Adam Lambert in just a few short hours. When they arrived at the venue parking was a nightmare searching for a spot. Once they found a parking spot the girls jumped out of the car and headed inside. They walked through two huge doors behind them laid the massive stage. In front of the stage there were millions of seats for the audience. They were met by a tall guy wearing a black shirt with the word “staff” in white letters on it and jeans.

“Hi can I help you find your seats?”  The guy smiled.

“Yes please.” Lynn stated cheerfully.

“Right this way.” The guy motioned for the girl to follow him.

Once they were at their seats the guy looked at Lynn

“Can I get you anything baby?” he said with a cheesy grin plastered on his face.

“I'm sure I am capable of getting her something” Amanda growled at the guy who was now giving Amanda an evil look

“Ok well yell if you need me, my name is Jeff.” He was looking at Lynn again with that smile back in place

“Sure” Lynn replied

Then Jeff walked off

“I don’t like him” Amanda said looking at Lynn

“Aww baby don’t be jealous” Lynn pulled Amanda into a hug

Amanda snuggled into Lynn “Ok I’ll try to not murder him” Amanda laughed.

The girls took their seats as they prepared for the place to fill up with people, the venue filled up fast. Adam walked out on stage looking sexier than he ever had before. Adam sang through Voodoo, For Your Entertainment, Down the Rabbit Hole, and Ring of Fire. Amanda watched Lynn’s reaction to the songs, loving the way Lynn was dancing in her seat. All Amanda could do was smile at her girlfriend Lynn looked over to see Amanda smiling at her.

“What” Lynn mouthed

“Nothing” Amanda mouthed back

Lynn leaned over for a kiss then went back to dancing in her seat. When ‘Fever’ began Amanda danced along with Lynn. Adam knew how to work the crowd, and Tommy.

“Tommy would you be m-mine?” Adam sang before kissing his bassist Tommy Joe and continuing with the song.

The girls sang along, they knew every word but they suddenly stopped singing, their breath catching in their throats and their eyes almost popping out of their sockets when Adam slid a hand into his pants. Both girls gasped at the hot sight before them. Adam continued on through the concert. When the last note was sung Lynn grabbed Amanda’s hand   and pulled her into the nearest room, slamming her against the wall and kissing her with a sudden fire. Sliding her tongue inside Amanda's willing mouth she licked every where she could reach before pulling away, laying her forehead against Amanda's while they both tried to breath.

“Wow where….did that come from” Amanda asked panting

Instead of answering Lynn just looked around the room till she spotted the couch “there now” she managed to spit out before pushing Amanda onto the couch and straddling her. On the couch Lynn took possession of Amanda’s mouth once again.  She bit, sucked, licked, and kissed her till Amanda had to pull away for some air. As Adam gasped for air Lynn began to grind on her leg for friction. Both girls were so lost in the moment that they didn’t hear the door open but they did hear the voice that came next……..


You can find her on twitter @twilightgirl07

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05 October 2010 @ 11:42 pm

Until I Met You

By Jacquline and Jess 


            Adam woke up to Snuggles trying to move Tommy’s hair so she could get under Adam’s chin, her favorite place to be so far. He petted Tommy’s hair out of the way making sure not to wake him and adjusted so she Snuggles was happy. When she was situated her scratched her ears causing her to purr loudly. Tommy moved his head and scooted closer to Adam tightening him arms around him Miss. Snuggle batted at Tommy’s head. He grunted and moved his head again Snuggles batted again and Tommy batted back looking up at the kitty.

“Looks like she is protective” Adam smiled

“Yea and she is in my spot” Tommy pouted

“Awww babe I know here I will move her” Adam said moving her

“Thank you” Tommy said nuzzling into Adam’s neck

Miss. Snuggles meowed in protest when Adam set her down on the other side of his head. She was not happy with being moved and to show it she ran around Adam’s head and attacked Tommy’s hair. Tommy rose up off Adam and looked at her, she looked back at him with her huge green eyes and ran to Adam’s neck. Tommy and Adam both couldn’t help but laugh at the kitty. Tommy sighed and just laid back down placing his head back where it was and Snuggles batted at his hair again.

“Oh I know what your problem is you want to play don’t you” Tommy said to the kitty shaking his hair down at her

Snuggles sneezed and batted at Tommy’s hair meowing, Tommy laughed so hard he couldn’t breathe. Adam grabbed the feather toy from off the floor and started playing with the kitty; Tommy thought it was the cutest thing when she scampered across Adam’s chest after the feathers. Tommy sat up and watched their new kitty play, he would crack up when he put his hand on Adam’s chest and Snuggles attacked it.

“Babe you want to take a shower” Tommy asked getting up

“Yea give me a sec” Adam said getting up and putting Miss. Snuggles on her bed

She just meowed and watched Adam and Tommy walk into the bathroom.

“Mmmm now I can touch you without being attacked” Tommy said turning around to kiss Adam

“Are you sure bout that Glitterbaby” Adam asked pulling Tommy closer

“Yep” Tommy said walking over and turning on the shower

Adam walked over to Tommy smacked his ass and stripped him of all his clothes and quickly got rid of his own. Adam pushed both of them into the shower and shut the door pressing Tommy against it and kissing him passionately.

“Mmmm baby maybe I was wrong about that me touching you and getting attacked” Tommy said when Adam pulled away from the kiss

“I couldn’t help it babe you were just too damn cute this morning playing with Snuggles” Adam said wrapping his arms around Tommy’s waist.

Tommy slipped his arms around Adam’s neck and stood on his tippy toes to give Adam a kiss.

“I love when you shower with me Babyboy” Tommy whispered in Adam’s ear and licked the outside causing Adam shiver

Tommy moved from Adam’s ear to his neck kissing, licking, and nibbling leaving lil red marks that would go away in a few minutes. He did this till he found the special spot that he usually kept marked and it drove Adam crazy. Adam moaned when Tommy bit down and sucked till he was satisfied with the mark it would leave. Tommy moved down Adam’s chest nibbling all the way down knowing that is drove Adam crazy more than his special spot did. Tommy got just above Adam’s cock and stopped stood up and kissed Adam crashing their teeth together. Adam groaned when Tommy stopped but realized what was going on Adam rolled his hips against Tommy when Tommy kissed him. Tommy moaned into Adam’s mouth at the friction and pushed harder against him. Tommy couldn’t take it anymore he dropped to his knees and swirled his tongue around the head of Adam’s cock.

“Oh fuck” Adam moaned

Tommy took Adam fully into his mouth and sucked hard and slow at first causing Adam to moan and say profound things. When he felt that Adam was about to cum he reached down and stroked himself in time with his sucking.

“Oh god…..tomeeeehhhhh…that feels so…g-good” Adam said breathlessly

Tommy felt himself close to coming undone and started sucking harder and faster and quickened his own stroking. Tommy sucking harder sends Adam over the edge it to oblivion higher then he has ever been, he is pretty sure it has something to do with how happy Tommy is at the moment. Tommy stands up with the fucking prettiest smile Adam has ever seen before and kisses Adam. Adam grabs Tommy’s ass slightly lifting him and holding him closer, Adam loved these moments. They stood there kissing under the water for what seemed like forever Tommy pulled away first cause the water was getting really cold and it was uncomfortable no matter how warm Adam was. Adam pulled them out of the shower and grabbed 2 towels throwing one at Tommy.

The boys climbed back into bed not bothering to get dressed and snuggled close to one another. They both raised when they felt something hit the bed to see what it was, it was Miss. Snuggles, both boys looked at each other in shock. Tommy grabbed her and cuddled her to his chest

“How did you get up here snuggles”

She just purred and looked up at him

“You’re so pretty yes you are” Tommy cooed

Adam leaned over Tommy should and petted the kitty and whispered in Tommy’s ear.

“You would make a good daddy”

Tommy turned to look at him shocked


“You heard me Tommy Joe you would make a great daddy”

“Adam where is this coming from”

“Well I have been thinking about it for a while now”

“How come you never said anything before now”

“I didn’t really know how to bring it up but seeing how you take care of and love Snuggles so much it just confirmed my suspicions that you would make a great daddy”

“Adam I would love to be a daddy and have a family with you but do you know how hard it is for a gay couple not to mention not married (this had been weighting on Tommy’s mind a lot here lately) to adopt children.”

“Tommy hunny I know I have thought about all this. Adoption would be really nice one day but I wanna have a kid to say that it is ours. I was thinking that we could find someone to carry mine or your kid and then since one of us is the father we could get custody of the baby.”

“Adam I love the idea of having a family with you. But where are we going to find a women that would give us her baby.”

“Well there will have to be a lawyer and a contract and we will be responsible for all the expenses”

“Baby how you know all this”

“I told you babe that I have been thinking about this for a while.”

“How long is a while.”

“For about 3 months”

“Ok well I am starving so lets go down stairs and I will cook dinner while we talk about it….are you expecting anyone to drop by?”

“Okay..No why??”

“Then I shall go like this”

They both went down stairs yes naked because Tommy didn’t want to get dressed. Tommy didn’t know what he wanted for dinner so he just rummaged in the fridge and the cupboards for a few minutes.

“Stir fry sound good baby”

“Yea that sounds fine hun”

Tommy preceded to get the ingredients out of the fridge.

“Okay babe so how is this whole process going to work”

“Well first we have to decide who is going to be the biological father you or me”

“That’s easy you will be”

“Tommy baby you do realize that I have never been with a girl before and I was kinda hoping that you would do because you are experienced”

“Adam you kiss girls all the time and the sex part is no different than with me other then you stick it in there vagina not there ass”

“Tommy seriously I don’t think that I will be able to do it”

“Well what if I am there with you will that make you feel better? But I will do it if you are uncomfortable with it.”

“I will be very uncomfortable baby and plus girls don’t turn me on yes they are pretty and I like to make out with them but they just don’t do it for me”

By this time Adam is standing behind Tommy with his arms wrapped around his waist while Tommy cuts the vegetables for that stir fry. Tommy lays the knife down and turns around facing Adam.

“Okay hunny I can’t tell that it is going to bug you so I will do it only cause I love you and you want this but only on one condition.”

“Awww baby I love you too and what is the one condition”

“That when that time comes and I have to sleep with her that you will be there with me”


“Wait listen you won’t have to do anything well to her anyway me is another story. But if you weren’t there I would feel like I was cheating on you even tho you know it’s going on.”

“Okay baby if that’s what you need then I will be there”

“Thanks baby you are so good to me you will make a great husband”

They kiss briefly and Adam goes back to sit down at the table while Tommy finishes dinner. When dinner is done Tommy starts to serve it while Adam watches thinking about what Tommy just told him. After Tommy is done he sits down at the table across from Adam.

“Adam what are you thinking bout I know that face what on your mind”

“I am just thinking about what you said earlier about not being married and then again a minute again when you said I would make a great husband. Obviously it has been on your mind do you wanna talk about it.”

“yes it has been on my mind but I didn’t know how to bring it up but today since we were talking about kids and stuff I figured it would be the right time and it wouldn’t be to awkward.”

“You should of told me baby it would make me the happiest man in the world to marry you”

“See like I said to good to me”

When they are both done eating Adam gets up to clear the table and but the dises in the dishwasher. They make their way back up stairs to their bed room to find that Miss. Snuggles has made herself at home between the guy’s pillows

“Tommy babe what movie you wanna watch and no scary ones”

“Awww babe come on I like to watch the scary movies and plus you don’t watch them you snuggle really close to me and hide…mmmmmmm love when you do that but it ok you can pick since it can’t be scary”

“Ok but what if I snuggle close to you any way will that make you feel better hun”

“Yea it will now put the movie in and get over here I been without contact for like an hour no good Babyboy.”

“Do I hear someone whining?”

“No I am just stating the facts here and why are you still standing over there”

“Cause I like the view from over here”

Tommy stands up moves the covers and gets under them

“ha-ha now you have to come over here to see”

Adam walks over to the bed and gets under the covers and pulls Tommy close trying not to bother the kitty

“I’m not going to get to watch the movie am I”

“Not unless you want my head at that end so you can watch it while you are fucking me”

Adam laughs and turns the TV off

“Yea right Glitterbaby like I would be able to focus on the TV while making love to you”

“I know baby”

Tommy climbs on top of Adam and kisses him passionately while Adam’s hand find their way to Tommy’s ass. Adam put two of his fingers in front of Tommy’s face and Tommy sucks them till they were nice and wet and went back to kissing Adam. Adam found Tommy’s hole and starting teasing it causing Tommy to moan. Tommy grinding against Adam causing Adam to moan it response then he slipped his fingers in Tommy gasped Adam’s name. Snuggles raised her head at all the commotion and looked around huffed and jumped off the bed. Tommy watched her to make sure she wasn’t going to attack him.

“good kitty she didn’t attack me this time.”

Adam laughs at how easily his lover is distracted but slips a third finger in to get Tommy’s attention back. Tommy goes back to grinding on Adam not getting the much need friction he was going after.

“A-Adam…please…please..i need you”

Adam couldn’t resist Tommy’s begging so he flipped them over Tommy wrapping his legs around Adam. Adam removed his fingers causing Tommy is whine feeling empty and bucking toward Adam.

“Tommy baby patients I getting to it let me adjust”

“Too long baby”

Adam gets adjusted as quick as possible and enters Tommy

“Oh….. FUCK!!! Babyboy…so good”

“S-So tight Gl-Glitterbay”

Adam thrust in and out of Tommy, Tommy meeting his thrust everytime. All that feels the room are there moans and screams. Adam changes angles to hit Tommy’s spot.

“A-Adam fuck…faster baby”

“Cum for me Tommy”

Adam moves faster and Tommy un-grips his hand from the sheets and begins to jack himself in time with Adam’s thrusts.

“oh Tommy sooo g-good”

Adam begins to thrust in harder Tommy barely being able to keep up Tommy was cumming before he knew it screaming Adam’s name. Adam’s thrust become erratic as his orgasm hits and he yells Tommy’s name. he thrust in and out a couple more times before collapsing on top of Tommy. Tommy wrapped his arms around Adam and kissed the top of his head so good Adam I love you. Adam had no energy so he turned his head and kissed Tommy’s chest I love you too baby.

They both drifted off to sleep wrapped in each other’s arms


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P.S. sorry it took so long to update guys had/have a lot going on will try to have part 6 up sooner rather then later. *hugs*

03 October 2010 @ 03:12 am
Originally posted by neo_prodigy at Spirit Day

It’s been decided. On October 20th, 2010, we will wear purple in honor of the 6 gay boys who committed suicide in recent weeks/months due to homophobic abuse in their homes at at their schools. Purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag and that’s exactly what we’d like all of you to have with you: spirit. Please know that times will get better and that you will meet people who will love you and respect you for who you are, no matter your sexuality. Please wear purple on October 20th. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and schools.

RIP Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh (top)
RIP Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase (middle)
RIP Asher Brown and Billy Lucas. (bottom)

REBLOG to spread a message of love, unity and peace.

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Until I Met You

By Jacquline and Jess 


The next morning Adam woke up with Tommy still on top of him. He usually moved a lot in his sleep so he couldn’t figure out how he was still in the same position. He didn’t want to wake Tommy so he wrapped his arms around him and drifted off back to sleep. A couple hours later Tommy woke up with Adam’s arms wrapped around him. Tommy smiled to himself turned his head slightly and kissed Adam’s chest. Adam tightened his arms around Tommy to let him know that he was awake. Tommy looked up at him and smiled and just laid his head back down. A few minutes later Tommy realized that he had to pee really bad. So he got up, but not without kissing Adam first, and went to the bathroom. While he was in there he decided that he would go ahead and take a shower.

“Hey Babyboy want to take a shower with me” Tommy called turning the water on.

“Sure babe but we took a shower last night” Adam said walking to the bathroom.

Tommy had already stripped out of his clothing when Adam reached the door.

“Yes we did but I want to take another one before we get our day started” Tommy replied stepping into the shower.

“Fine with me I like taking showers in the morning anyway, they wake me up” Adam said disposing of his pajama bottoms.

Adam stepped into the shower and as he did Tommy pulled him into a slow passionate kiss. When he pulled away to breath Adam just looked at him. Tommy kissed him again and then moved to his jaw and then his neck, where he licked bit and sucked causeing Adam to moan in pleasure.

“Hmmm Glitterbaby where….did this…come from..”Adam asked

“For you *kiss* being the *kiss* best *kiss* boyfriend *kiss* ever *kiss*” Tommy said between kisses down Adam’s chest.

Tommy finally reached his destination he stopped and leaned back to admired Adam’s cock. Tommy leaned forward again and breathed on Adam’s cock causing Adam’s breath the catch in his throat and Tommy smiled to himself. He then took the head of Adam’s cock in his lips and started twirling his tongue around it. He licked Adam’s slit and then quickly took it all in his mouth.  Tommy loved the feeling of Adam’s cock filling his mouth, it just felt so right.

“Glitterbaby…..oh my god….that feels……amazing” Adam was moaning almost incomprehensible.

Tommy took Adam’s cock even further into his mouth deep throating him. Adam felt his cock hit the back of Tommy’s throat.

“Oh…Baby…I’m…about…to…cum...” Adam said breathlessly.

Tommy quickened his pace making sure that he took Adam as deep as he could each time

“Oh…Tommy….tommmmeeeehhhh….” Adam screamed as he came.

Tommy sucked Adam dry but leaving a lil on his tongue raised up to kiss Adam. Tommy kissed Adam and slipped his tongue in Adam’s mouth and Adam sucked on Tommy;s tongue till all he tasted was Tommy again.

“You taste wonderful” Tommy said as they broke the kiss.

Adam started to return that favor but Tommy stopped him.

“I can wait till later Babyboy” Tommy smirked and Adam wondered what he had in mind.

They finished their shower washing each other lovingly just like they had the first time they showered together. They climbed out of the tub when they were done and wrapped towels around themselves. Tommy walked to Adam mirror and applied lil eyeliner and some lip-gloss.

“No makeup today” Adam questioned

“Nope we have to move my stuff today no point in putting on a bunch of makeup just to sweat it off” Tommy answered

“Of course I didn’t forget…how could I forget that the person that means the world to me has agreed to stay with me…I just didn’t think about it like that” Adam laughed

Adam went to the mirror and copied Tommy minus the lip gloss he used chapstick.

“You want breakfast before we get started” Tommy asked walking to the bedroom where he had some clothes from staying there every now and then. 

“Sure you cookin or buyin” Adam laughed knowing that Tommy hated going out for breakfast and that Tommy himself would much rather cook it.

“I’m going to buy it” Tommy said sarcastically while getting dressed

“I’m just kidding baby I know that you going to cook a great breakfast like always” Adam said walking into the bedroom and wrapping his arms around Tommy’s waist

Tommy turned around in Adam’s arms grabbed his ass pulled him closer and kissed him gently.

“I know you were now get dressed while I go get started” Tommy said kissed Adam again and walked out of the room.

While Adam got dressed Tommy went to the kitchen to start breakfast, he always fixed omelets so today he decided to cook pancakes. He got everything he needed out and set it on the counter to get started, he poured himself a glass of orange juice to drink while he worked. A few minutes after he had everything started he heard the radio in the living room come on and he knew that Adam was done getting ready. Adam danced his way into the kitchen placing himself on one of the bar stools to watch Tommy, he already knew that Tommy wouldn’t let him help. Adam watched Tommy move to the beat of the music as he finished the food, Adam thought to himself damn that is the prettiest thing I have ever seen.

“Adam…AdAm…ADAM….” Tommy called pulling Adam out of his daydream

“W-What” Adam said

“What was you thinking about baby, I’ve been calling your name for the last 3 minutes. Breakfast is done are you going to come sit with me. Tommy asked

“I was watching you dance guess I started day dreaming” he said walking over to the table where Tommy was sitting.

They talked about absolutely nothing as they ate their breakfast and as they cleaned up.

“You ready to go” Adam called from the front door”

“Yep here I come” Tommy called 

“Hmm baby and you didn’t need my help” Adam laughed

“Sorry you missed this one babe” Tommy laughed and kissed Adam as he walked out the door and to the car.

“There will be plenty more where that came from” Adam could barely contain himself

“Adam” Tommy said hesitantly

“Yes” Adam asked looking concerned.

“How are we going to fit all my stuff in your car” Tommy asked

“We are not going to I have a truck coming at three to meet us, I called while I was getting dressed” Adam replied

“Oh ok cause even though I not keepin a lot of it there is still a lot of stuff that I would be able to get rid of” Tommy said

“It is ok baby don’t worry your pretty lil head about it, I got it all under control” Adam said grabbing Tommy’s hand

Tommy squeezed his hand and relaxed into the seat to enjoy the rest of the ride to his old apartment. When they arrived Tommy went and unlocked the door and motioned for Adam to go in. Adam expected it to be a mess but to his surprise it was clean and organized. Since Adam already had furniture Tommy told them to only take his favorite chair. In the kitchen he left everything beside a few cups that he wouldn’t be able to live without well at least that is the way he put it. He took all of his stuff out of the bath room though he knew Adam had it all he just couldn’t not bring it so he told the men to take it to the truck. Tommy went on to the bedroom nothing special there he wanted to keep, Adam found a couple candle holders that he said he would die without. They got all of Tommy’s clothes out of his closet and put them in a huge duffle bag that he had.

“You ready to go” Tommy asked Adam

“you sure you got everything” Adam asked

“Yep the only things that I really needed were my clothes, makeup and my fav chair and I got all three so I ready” Tommy said walking the apartment one more time.

When Tommy made sure that they had everything in the truck and ready to go him and Adam went and got in the car to leave. The truck followed them back to their place to unload Tommy’s stuff. They took it all in and put it where it went and moved some things around to put Tommy’s chair.

“Hey babe you wanna go grab a bite to eat” Adam called to Tommy from the other room.

“Sure what did you have in mind do I need to change” Tommy asked

“Nope you are fine the way you are” Adam answered

“Really” Tommy said walking in to the bathroom naked were Adam was doing his makeup and dropped whatever he had in his hand and turned around to see Tommy full view. 

Tommy walked over and turned the shower on and then walked back to Adam and pulled his shirt over his head. Adam leaned down and kissed Tommy passionately and Tommy deepened the kiss. Tommy pulled away and just gazed into Adam’s beautiful blue eyes until he was overwhelmed and had to look away.

“ Adam…..remember earlier when I told you that I could wait till later……well its later and I can’t wait no more baby. *grabs Adam’s ass and pulls him closer” you are so fucking sexy and I want you sooo bad it is killing me” Tommy rolled his hip to get friction and Adam realized how hard Tommy was.

Adam was already turned on from just seeing Tommy through the mirror naked Tommy realized this when he rolled his hips against Adam for the second time.

“Do you feel how bad I want you” Tommy asked

“Cause I can sure feel how bad you want me Babyboy” Tommy said

Adam quickly undid his belt and slipped his pants off and pulled Tommy into the shower and kissed him hard Tommy kissed back even harder. Tommy rolled his hips into Adam again causing him to moan into Tommy’s mouth he loved when Adam did that. When they broke away to breath

“We will be moving this to the bed” Adam growled  

He then attacked Tommy’s neck similarly to the way that Tommy had done him but Tommy’s neck so much more sensitive. Adam found the most sensitive spot on Tommy’s neck and focused on it he licked and sucked and then would move on to another spot. But always returning to that one spot driving Tommy crazy with pleasure and then when Adam was done playing he bit that spot and sucked leaving a mark. He then moved down Tommy’s chest leaving a few marks here and there but nothing like the first one. When he finally got to Tommy’s cock he sighed at the sight of it so beautiful he thought. There was a drop of pre-cum on it and Adam licked the slit to get it of Tommy whined Adam’s name in disappointment. He wanted Adam to just suck him hard and take him deep he was so hard it was painful. Adam swirled his tongue around the head of Tommy’s cock breathing his warm moist breath on it at the same time.

“Adammmm pleaseeee” Tommy begged

Adam gave Tommy what he wished for he took all of Tommy in his mouth and sucked as hard as he could. Tommy was moaning and screaming like crazy.

“A-Adam…baby …oh ..that…..feels…..so…..good…..” Tommy panted

Adam proceeded to give Tommy the best blowjob that he had ever had in his entire life

“A-Adam……I’m…gonna….cum” Tommy said breathlessly

“OH MY GOD AAAADAM” Tommy screamed as he came

It was the hardest Tommy had ever came before and a lot more the usual he didn’t know if Adam could swallow it all. But Adam sucked him dry but as Tommy did before he left some on his tongue and kissed Tommy. Allowing Tommy to suck himself off Adam’s tongue Tommy moaned at the taste of Adam when all the cum was gone.

“Not nearly as good as you baby” Tommy purred in Adam’s ear

They washed each other quickly with heated kisses thrown it whenever they made eye contact when they were rinsed off Adam turned the water off and stepped out the shower. Tommy was still in there he didn’t want to come out in the cold but Adam grabbed his arm and hugged him close. They were trying to get to the bed quickly since they were still soaked and it was a lil chilly but there feet go tangled together and the feel to the bathroom floor. They both giggled and then their eyes met and they were kissing passionately and hard again Tommy stopped in the middle of the kiss.

“What’s wrong Tommy what did I do” Adam asked frantically

“Nothing is wrong Adam…you haven’t done anything but make me the happiest man in the world and I want you to make love to me” Tommy said with tears in his eyes

Adam wiped away Tommy’s tears and kissed him gently all over his face by time he was done Tommy was giggling.

“Are you sure” Adam asked

Tommy just nodded his head and leaned up to kiss Adam, as they laid on the floor kissing Adam rolled over so that he was on bottom. Adam let his hands roam freely over Tommy’s body and he finally slipped his finger between Tommy’s cheeks. He played around the entrance a lil relaxing Tommy reminding Tommy to breath he slipped the first finger in Tommy pushed closer to him and moaned in pleasure. After a few minutes he slipped the second one in and then the third not to long after the. Tommy was moaning non-stop and he was grinding against Adam so hard Adam didn’t know how either one of them hadn’t came yet. When Tommy was stretched and worked to Adam’s satisfaction he rolled him back on to his back. He told Tommy to wrap his legs around his waist Tommy did as he was told. Adam aligned his cock with Tommy whole and bent down to kiss him and with the kiss he quickly entered Tommy’s entrance. Tommy gasped both in pain and pleasure Adam waited for Tommy to get used to being full and when Tommy started moving against him he took it as an ok to go ahead and start. Adam pulled almost all the way out and pushed back in slowly.

“..oh…… right there…baby that ……..feels so good” Tommy moaned when Adam hit his prostate which he was doing on every stroke now

“Faster…ADAM….harder…oh FUCK me” Tommy was begging

Adam quickened his pace slamming into Tommy and Tommy withering in pleasure under him

“A-Adam I’m……going to…cum” Tommy gasped

Adam had time to get two more strokes in and Tommy was cumming all over their stomachs. Adam was right behind him as soon as Tommy’s muscles contracted Adam came inside his lover the hardest he had ever came before. Adam collapsed on top of Tommy as they came down from the high. Adam kissed Tommy gently

“Are you alright Glitterbaby..did I hurt you” Adam asked Tommy holding him tight

“I am perfect you did not hurt me that was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my life” Tommy said holding Adam just as tight

“Ok well let me get a rag to get us cleaned up so that we can go to bed” Adam said kissing Tommy again

Adam got the warm rag and cleaned Tommy and himself he threw the rag over on the sink and helped Tommy up out of the floor. Just like the night before they went to their own side of the bed and climbed into the middle. Tommy lay next to Adam with his head on his chest and they both lay there awake forever. Finally Adam got tired of laying there and he pulled Tommy into the same position that he was in the night before and within 5 minutes both were sleep.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1 week later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Tommy was sitting in his chair playing his bass he did this on nights he was really stressed out or just couldn’t sleep. Tonight he just couldn’t sleep so he was doing what helped him relax. Adam woke up and looked at the clock it was 2:30 in the morning why is Tommy playing his bass Adam thought. So Adam drug himself out of the bed and went downstairs to see what was bothering his lover.

“Tommy what are you doin up at this time of night playing that thing” Adam said that might of sounded a lil harsh Adam thought

“I couldn’t sleep” Tommy replied simply wondering why his lover was mad

“Whats wrong” Tommy asked Adam

“ You have woke me up three days this week playin you bass Tommy it get irrataing when I am trying to sleep…can you please put it up and come to bed” Adam sighed

Tommy just looked at Adam and put his bass were it went and then went upstairs and climbed in bed. Adam climbed in too and scooted next to Tommy and pulled him close but Tommy didn’t snuggle like he usually did, this upset Adam.

“Baby please tell me what is wrong so I can help” Adam begged

“You yelled at me for playing my bass and said that it was irritating…..well did you ever stop to think that maybe when you don’t rinse you ice cream bowl out that irritates me” Tommy snapped

“Tommy baby I’m sorry I didn’t know that I would upset you that bad” Adam said in a soft tone

“Till the next time I wake you cause I am playing my bass” Tommy half sobbed

“I will never ever say anything to you again about playing you bass this late Tommy I am so sorry I didn’t mean to hurt your feeling babe” Adam said

“I will try not to get mad at you for not rinsing your ice cream bowls ok babe” Tommy said

“I Love You Tommy Joe” Adam whispered in his ear

“I Love You Too Adam Mitchel” Tommy said back

Again Adam wrapped his arms around Tommy and this time he snuggled back into him and they both drifted off to sleep. The next morning they woke up still snuggled together Tommy smiled he loved waking up in Adam’s arms.

“Good morning baby” Adam whispered in Tommy’s ear

Tommy sighed and rolled over facing Adam

“Good morning hunny” Tommy said kissing Adam

Adam deepened the kiss

“Let’s go out today babe” Adam said when they pulled away

“Ok” Tommy said excitedly

Tommy jumped up and ran to the bathroom to get ready Adam giggled got up and followed him.

“Babe calm down we have plenty of time” Adam said wrapping his arms around Tommy

“I know I’m just so excited to get out” Tommy giggled leaning back on Adam

“Ok then let’s get ready” Adam said pulling Tommy toward the shower

“Ew are you taking a shower with me” Tommy asked turning around to look and Adam

“Yes I had planned on it…..is that a problem” Adam asked curiously

“No its not I love when you take showers with me….but you haven’t done it in so long” Tommy answered

“Tommy it was just last week when we showered together” Adam laughed

“I know but it seems like so long ago” Tommy said

Adam just giggled and turned the water on making sure that it was just the right temperature and pulled them both into the shower. They washed each other gently but quickly when they were done they wrapped their selves in their towels. They stood in the mirror next to each other like they had since Tommy had moved in and did their makeup. Then they went to their bedroom to pick out there clothes and get dressed.  

“Mmmm babe you look good in purple” Adam told Tommy

“Thank you hun” Tommy said as he strutted out the door

Adam followed Tommy to the kitchen to get some breakfast before they went out for the day. Tommy ate a bagel with strawberry cream cheese and a glass of orange juice and Adam ate a granola bar with a glass of chocolate milk.

“Adam come on” Tommy called from the door

“Hang on babe I had to pee” Adam called coming down the stairs

“Oh…..sorry” Tommy giggled

Adam walked to the door and pulled Tommy into a big Bear hug, Tommy was so small and he fit perfectly to Adam’s body.

“Babe calm down I told you we have all day” Adam said holding Tommy

“I know I am just so excited” Tommy squealed pulling Adam out the door

Adam being the gentlemen that he is opened the door for Tommy and helped him in and closed the door walking around to the other side.

“Where to Glitterbaby” Adam asked getting into the driver’s seat

“Downtown” Tommy said bouncing in his seat

When they got downtown it took Adam fifteen minutes to find a parking place that was reasonable. He parked the car and him and Tommy got out and walked down the street. They walked and talked about everything going in an interesting shop every now and then and not finding anything interesting. But mostly they just talked and held each other close enjoying the sunny day. After walking down one side of the street they walked up the other side toward there car. Tommy stopped dead in his tracks and squealed.

“What is it Tommy” Adam asked frantically he had never heard Tommy sound like that

“Look at how cute” Tommy said jumping and pointing at the kitty’s in the pet store window.

“Oh shit babe you scared the hell out of me I thought something was wrong” Adam said looking at Tommy so excited he could barely keep from laughing.

“Can we go in pleaseeeeee Babyboy” Tommy asked hugging Adam

“Yes we can go in” Adam said kissing Tommy’s forehead

Tommy practically cause Adam to fall when he jerked Adam into the store. Tommy went straight to the kitty’s that were in the window. Adam thought that Tommy looked so cute playing with the kitty’s. Adam noticed that although Tommy was playing with all of the kittens there was one particular kitty that he was paying close attention to. But not only was he paying close attention to the kitten but when he was playing with the other kitty’s that kitten would grab Tommy’s sleeve to get his attention.

“Adam come here look at how adorable they are” Tommy said playing with all the kitty’s

Adam walked over to the area and picked up the kitten that was paying close attention to Tommy. The kitten looked up at Adam and snuggled into his neck purring Adam rubbed its ears causing the kitten to purr more.

“Let’s get this one baby” Adam said still petting the kitty

Tommy looked at Adam with wide eyes

“Really” Tommy squealed

“Yes absolutely” Adam said all giddy

Tommy jumped on Adam almost causing him to fall.

“You wanna go pick out all of her stuff” Adam asked trying to balance Tommy and their new kitty

“yes yes yes” Tommy squealed

“Wait what are we going to name him” Tommy asked

“Um babe I think our him is a her” Adam giggled

“Ok then what shall we name her” Tommy said

“Well she is offaly snuggly” Adam said gesturing to the kitty snuggled into his neck

“Let’s call her Miss. Snuggles” Tommy said petting the kitty

“I LOVE IT” Adam said a lil louder then what he ment to

They walked over to where they had all the kitty stuff. They got her a collar that was the color of peacock feathers with diamonds around it. They got her black and purple bowls with             Miss. Snuggles on the side. They bought her a bed, some food, a bunch of toys, a litter box and some litter, and some booty’s that Tommy insisted on buying for her. They went and paid for all their stuff and Miss. Snuggles Tommy was so excited he could barely contain himself. They went to the car and Adam gave Miss. Snuggles to Tommy to hold so he could drive home. Tommy and the kitty played the whole way home, Tommy giggling at the cute things she did. Adam laughed at them thinking that it was the most adorable thing he had ever seen in the world. When they got home they took all of her stuff and set it up in their room so that she would be close. Tommy set her down on the floor so that he could help Adam set everything up. Tommy and Adam both noticed that anytime one of them moved she followed. When they were done setting everything up they both flopped back on their bed tired from there day out. Tommy raised up when he heard Miss. Snuggles meow and scratch at his pants leg.

“Looks like she wants up here” Tommy said looking at Adam

“Then put her up here” Adam sighed stretching

Tommy picked her up and set her in the middle of the bed and snuggled next to Adam facing him. Miss. Snuggles climbed over Tommy and snuggled between him and Adam purring as Adam scratched behind her ears. Tommy kissed Adam passionately and Adam deepened the kiss until they both had to breath.

“Thank you Adam I love you” Tommy whispered as they pulled away

“I love you too Tommy” Adam said kissing him again

They snuggled closer trying not to disturb Miss. Snuggles and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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26 August 2010 @ 02:59 am

Until I Met You

By Jacquline and Jess 


Adam woke first Tommy was still cuddled up next to him so as gently as he could he slid from under the small blond man. He decided that he would take a shower and put on some sweats and then make breakfast. Adam took a quick shower and threw on some sweats he didn’t bother doing his makeup today was going to be a lazy day. So he went down stairs and pulled everything he needed out of the fridge, they were going to have deluxe omelets for breakfast, and started chopping up all the vegetables. Once he had everything ready to be cooked he ran up stairs to check on Tommy to make sure he was still alright. Tommy was curled into a lil ball in the middle of the bed. It reminded Adam of a kitty “Awww such a pretty kitty” Adam thought to himself hmmm guess Tommy had 2 nick names now Adam sighed and went back down stairs. He started cooking and about half way thru he heard footsteps across the floor and the shower turn on. Tommy woke up to find Adam not in the bed but he smelled the breakfast that he was cooking and decided that he better get up. Tommy didn’t bring any comfy clothes to wear he hadn’t really thought bout it he spotted Adam’s sweat on a shelf across the room and grabbed a pair. Adam was bigger than him so they were going to be way to damn long and a bit big but they had a string. With that he jumped in the shower when he was done he got out and got dressed combed his hair. Tommy went down stairs to find Adam just now sitting the food on the table.

“Good afternoon Glitterbaby” Adam looked up from what he was doing smiling.

“Good afternoon Babyboy, when did you plan on waking me” Tommy asked looking at the clock

“Well I was going to bring you breakfast in bed but I heard you get in the shower so I set the table instead” Adam said still trying to make the table perfect

Tommy walked over to Adam and wrapped his arms around Adam’s waist; Adam turned to face him and hugged him back.

“Thank you Babyboy…oh and I love my nick name” Tommy said looking up at Adam

“You’re welcome babe” Adam said kissing Tommy on the forehead

“You hungry” Adam asked pulling away

“Absolutely starving” Tommy said going to sit down at the table

Adam loved how easy it was with Tommy there was no pressure to have conversation, it felt like him and Tommy had been doing this for years. Tommy was sitting at the table eating glad that it did not feel awkward to be eating in silence. Tommy took it as a sign that he could and would do this with Adam he honest loved him and wanted nothing more to be with him. Adam looked up and Tommy finding him starring at him, Adam smiled and in return he got the most gorgeous smile he had ever seen in his life.

“What are we doing today” Tommy asked

“I planned on a lazy day. Why got something in mind” Adam asked

“Nope was just wondering” Tommy smiled again

They got up from the table putting their dishes in the sink and went to the living room. They decided that they were going to watch Velvet Goldmine since Tommy practically squealed when he saw that Adam owned the movie. Tommy sat down on the couch while Adam put the movie in, he grabbed the remote off the top of the DVD player and went and sat down next to Tommy. They were about half way thru the movie when Adam realized that he and Tommy were entangled in each other’s arms. Adam moved to get up and Tommy tightened his grip on him.

“I will be right back Glitterbaby I have to pee” Adam said laughing at how cute Tommy was being right now

Tommy just groaned and let Adam up to go pee. When Adam got back and sat down Tommy placed himself back the way he was before Adam left. Adam smiled and wrapped his arms around the man practically sitting in his lap. They finished watching the movie sitting this way and when it was over the put another one in. By time they were to their third movie they were restless and couldn’t sit still. Tommy had a great idea.

“Adam lets go for a walk in the park” Tommy said pulling away to look at Adam

“Babe it is dark” Adam said

“I know it is but I want to go for a walk” Tommy whined

How could Adam resist it was so cute when Tommy whined like that so he told Tommy that they could go for a walk in the park. So they got some half decent clothes on and walked down the block to the park that was there. They were having a great time walking around the park and pick out all the constellations. They started laughin and playing around when Tommy got the sudden urge to devour Adam. Tommy grabbed Adam by his shirt and shoved him against the nearest and attacked his mouth. Adam was shocked but that didn’t keep him from kissing back and wrapping his arms around Tommy. Tommy pushed harder against Adam rolling his hips to get the friction that he wanted. Adam grabbed Tommy’s ass and pulled him close also rolling his hips they both moaned into each other kiss. Tommy pulled away from the kiss quickly attaching himself to Adam’s neck. Adam threw his head back to give Tommy more access to his neck. Adam reached down and found the hem of Tommy shirt and slid his hands up Tommy’s chest. Adam stopped at Tommy’s nipples and played with them making them hard, harder then Tommy thought they could ever get. Tommy moaned and when Adam flicked Tommy’s nipple one last time he bit Adam leaving a mark from hell.  Adam quickly removed Tommy shirt pulling it up over his head Tommy leaving Adam’s neck for just a few seconds. Tommy slowly unbuttoned Adam’s shirt and kissed down his chest. Adam was very ticklish so when Tommy got to Adam’s stomach he couldn’t help but laugh hysterically he grabbed Tommy to pull him up but in the process lost balance and they both toppled over. Resulting in Adam being on top and having control now Adam crushed his and Tommy’s lips together. Tommy was rubbing Adam’s back gently every now and then scratching him causing Adam to moan in pleasure. Tommy bucked his hips up trying to get some sort of friction but Adam pulled away just in time. Tommy whined when he did not get the contact that he wanted but before he could get Adam’s name out of his mouth Adam was palming his cock. Tommy thrusted into Adam’s hand this is what he want some fucking contact. Tommy trailed down Adam’s body with his hands and grabbed Adam’s ass pulling him closer. Adam gets the hint and unzips Tommy’s pants with one hand and the other still occupying his cock. Tommy reached down in front of him and undid Adam’s pants  and since Adam was on top it was easy to get his pants off first.

“Mmmm Babyboy you are so pretty under the stars like this” Tommy whispered in Adam’s ear.

“Come on Glitterbaby even tho you are the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen I bet you look even better under the stars” Adam says as he pulls Tommy’s pants off.

Somehow Tommy got the upper hand and rolled so that he was now on top of Adam. This was perfect Adam wouldn’t have it no their way he liked watching his pretty kitty in the moon and star light. Tommy started rolling his hips against Adam’s causing both of them sooo much pleasure they were both moaning uncontrollably. Adam reached down and wrapped his hand around both or there penises causing even more friction. That is all it took both were calling out their lovers name in unison that was the hardest that either one of them had came in a while. When they came back from being in ecstasy they gathered up their clothes and got dressed stopping to kiss every few seconds. When they were finally fully dressed they walked hand in hand back to Adam’s house. When they got there they decided that is was too late for Tommy do drive back to his apartment so he was going to stay at Adam’s they went in the house but there PJ’s on and got it bed. Tommy cuddled up to Adam he liked being held by Adam it made him feel safe and secure. Adam wrapped his arms around Tommy and pulled him close it made him feel complete when the small man was close to him like this. Both were completely relaxed and sleep in no time

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~6 months later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tommy and Adam were standing in line at a restaurant waiting on their reservations for their 6 month anniversary dinner. Adam was so nervous he had finally decided that he was going to ask Tommy to move in with him. It wasn’t like Tommy didn’t spend like 98% of his time there anyway but Adam wanted it to be perminate. Tommy wrapped his arms around Adam knowing that something was wrong but he didn’t want to push the issue. Adam wrapped one arm around Tommy’s shoulders and ran the other one thru Tommy’s hair. It was in moments like this that Adam knew Tommy was going to say yes, so Adam had no idea why he was so nervous. They waited for another half hour not realizing they were still in there embrace until there waitress came over to take them to their seats.  Tommy was surprised that Adam had reserved a big round table with a booth around it.

“Babe what do we need this big table for it is just the 2 of us” Tommy asked Adam after the server left.

“Because I wanted to sit next to you and in the regular booths and chairs it aren’t comfortable and this is” Adam said kissing Tommy softly on the lips.

When the server came to take their order they didn’t know what they wanted or even what was on the menu. So Adam just told the server to order one of everything on the menu and went back to gazing and talking to Tommy. It was more gazing then talking and Tommy could tell that there was something on Adam’s mind. Tommy still didn’t say anything tho cause he didn’t want to ruin the date it was going so well and plus the server was on her way with their food. They were half way thru there meal when Tommy couldn’t take it nomore.

“Hunny please tell me what is on your mind you have been so quiet and you never are” Tommy said with his hands on either side of Adam’s face.

Adam sighed

“Tommy Joe will you officially move in with me” Adam said

“Yes I will I thought you would never ask” Tommy said with tears rolling down his face

“Awww hunny why are you crying” Adam asked Tommy hugging him to his chest

“Because I am just so happy” Tommy said into Adam’s chest

When they were done with what they wanted they gave the food they didn’t touch to lovely couples in the restaurant and took some leftovers home. On the way home they talked about how they were going to get Tommy’s stuff to Adam’s. What they were going to do with the stuff Tommy didn’t need anymore and everything else. When they got back home they were so relaxed and relieved they were like on a whole other level. They took a shower together and it was so romantic they washed each other and just held each other caressing and kissing. When they got done taking a shower they removed the rest of their makeup and went and got in bed. They both went to their side of the bed got in and scooted to the middle Tommy laid on top of Adam with his head on Adam’s chest. This was the most comfortable he had ever been in his entire life, he was with his best friend, the man he loved, the one he trusted with his life and he was happy for once in his life. Adam could tell that Tommy was completely relaxed. Adam was gently rubbing Tommy’s back he himself relaxed fully too. Adam could not believe that he was so happy Tommy was everything he wanted his friend, lover partner, and he trusted him with his life. Adam leaned up and kissed the top of Tommy’s head and Tommy tuned his head and kissed Adam’s chest.

“Good night sweet dreams Babyboy I Love You” Tommy said kissing Adam’s chest again

“I Love You too Pretty Kitty sweet dreams” Adam whispered in Tommy’s ear

Both were to sleep in the matter of minutes



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